I’m a new writer – not entirely new – I’ve had several stories published now, but I’m hardly well-known. Luckily I’m not a starving writer, like some poor unfortunates I’ve met. I worked for many years in the world of Unix/Linux computers. I became first a Sysadmin, then a security expert, then a manager. So when I retired young enough to still enjoy the time off, I decided that I’d try to write the stories that had been bouncing around in my skull for so many years – stories I told myself while waiting for delayed flights, or while I sat in hotels in Tokyo, Montreal, Singapore, or St. Louis.

When I’m not writing, I’m riding my Felt carbon fiber bicycle, or hiking in the beautiful mountains that surround Tucson, Arizona, or teaching English to recent immigrants. And I live with a wonderful artist who’s been the inspiration of my life for thirty years.

I can’t complain.


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