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One Small Step…

Last week I got an email from Don Webb, Chief Editor of Bewildering Stories telling me and some other authors that our stories had been chosen for that publication’s quarterly review, meaning that the editors felt that these 14 stories, some flashes, and some poems were the best of the quarter.  That was nice. But then I checked further and discovered that they’d picked my story “Critical Mass” as the best overall piece they’d published for the quarter. This from well over fifty pieces they’d accepted for publication.

That was REALLY a pleasant surprise.

I always felt “Critical Mass” was a good story, and it was disheartening to see it rejected several times by other publications. So this award, hardly a Hugo or Nebula but still real recognition, is a small vindication for me. Yes, I know, there are so many good stories submitted. Yes I know, publications want to be known for a certain kind of work and thus will reject even masterpieces that don’t fit their criteria. Yes I know, they have to sort through those submissions so quickly because there are so many of them so they sometimes fail to notice great stories that don’t jump out and bite them. Still, it’s nice that someone really took the time to understand this subtle story and appreciated all the little things I’d put in there.

Now I’m thinking about doing a series of stories with these characters and premise. Meanwhile, thanks, Don and BwS for the recognition!


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